Gift cards & stored value cards

Powering millions of gift cards for 100+ brands in India

Qwikcilver is a leader in providing gift cards and stored value solutions.Through our solutions we enable businesses of all sizes to offer more engaging options to their end-customers.Gift cards is a simple, cost-effective and scalable way of increasing sales and brand engagements.
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Express. Appreciate. Recognize

Motivate, reward or drive traffic

Qwikcilver’s Corporate solutions offer customizable programs for your employee or consumer engagement requirements.
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More than 100+ brands to choose from

Get or send physical gift cards, gift vouchers, mobile gift cards and more to your loved ones.

Online e-commerce portal connecting brands with the consumers. Never go wrong with gifting now. Send physical gift cards, gift vouchers, mobile gift cards and more delivered through the touch of a button.
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The Buy-Gift-Pay App

Shop in thousands of new places with your reward points, giftcards and e-wallet money.

Woohoo- The Buy-Gift-Pay app aggregates multiple payment and spending options on to a single platform, allowing consumers to transact more and more often at various retail outlets.
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A helping hand to manage all your service needs.

Design Packaging

From design to packaging to customized messaging, Qwikcilver does it all.

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Real Time Reporting

Real-time dashboards. easy-to-use set of APIs

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