Technology that makes our Gift Cards tick

Qwikcilver platform is built on client-server architecture, with the server leveraging industry-proven and robust technologies. Our application is built on .Net framework, we use Microsoft IIS as our web server and Microsoft SQL Server as the database. We expose web services and http(s) interfaces for our clients to communicate with our server.

Multiple options of enabling transactions at the POS:
  • EDC devices
  • Native Clients
  • Web-based clients
  • Web-services-based custom integration to POS applications
  • Host switches can interface with Qwikcilver server and obtain authorizations

Our technology enables seamless interface with Web, IVR and SMS gateways. Most importantly, irrespective of the nature of POS, the server interfaces are maintained consistent enabling similar functionality to be made available to different types of transaction-initiation modes.

Key Features

Support for multiple card programs

  •  Loyalty, Gift, Pre-paid, Pre-paid with loyalty, Credit, Discount, Mall, Group, Corporate

Support for multiple types of cards

  •  Magnetic strip, bar-code, RFI

Support for multiple forms of cards

  •  Physical, virtual, mobile vouchers, etc.
  •  Single-point program-administration console
  •  Ability to auto-generate card numbers
  •  Ability to support third-party reselling and enforce limits
  •  Extensive data capture for loyalty interventions, reporting & analysis
  •  Consumer self-service portal, linked to customer website
  •  Rich set of canned real-time reports; integration to analysis engines
  •  Transaction initiation & capturing: POS application running on EDC devices and Windows
  •  Integration to billing systems, web-stores & mobile
  •  Support for SMS, IVR integration
  •  Personalization – including ability to customize receipt footers
  •  Multi-level security

Card Magic for encoding

  • User and role based access control
  • POS authentication
  • Intelligent approval codes
  • Audit logs
  • Velocity Checks
  •  Transport security
  •  Exception reports

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