Make Effective Business Decisions Using Timely Payments Metrics and Dashboards

Real-time dashboards. Easy-to-use set of APIs

  • Qwikcilver platform provides an easy-to-use set of Application Programming Interface (APIs) for billing systems, web portals, and other POS systems to communicate with Qwikcilver and process transactions.
  • We work closely with customer’s POS vendors, Kiosk vendors, Web-portal designers, SMS gateways, Email gateways and other partners to integrate stored-value-card processing.


The Qwikcilver solution ships with a rich set of canned reports and provides the ability to create custom reports within a short span of time.

In addition, Qwikcilver can work with its partners or customer-preferred third-party vendors to provide analytics in the form of real-time dashboards and presentations.

The solution runs on Microsoft SQL Server, enabling easy integration with standard Microsoft products and most ETL tools and analytics engines.


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Get to know what’s happening in the real world real time


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