Enabling distribution of Multi Brand Gift Cards through the Retails channel

For the first time in India, Qwikcilver is pioneering setting up of Retail Distribution channel enabling consumer to get access to gift cards from a store near them. This unique feature not only allows brands to engage with consumer outside of their own stores but also gives a consumer the convenience of being able to buy gift cards through a store near them.

As a partner of Qwikcilver, you can have the privilege of getting your branded cards distributed via our 3rd party retail network and channel partners as well as our corporate sales network bringing in additional revenue and customer engagement beyond your own brand stores.

How we Do It!

To provide consumers with exactly what they want, we constantly develop new products and partner with innovative providers. Qwilcilver’s retail channel partners include high footfall stores, coffee shops, mutli brand outlets and more, currently available at Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai.

Choices Offered For Easy Loading Of Value

We believe that it’s not enough to sell gift cards, we also need to help people easily use the cards they have and have two easy options for our consumers to add value on to the card.

Remote Loading Of Value :

Using this option a consumer can purchase the card at a token value and load the card with a desired value at convenience.

This model offers the consumer the flexibility of loading currency on to the gift card at a later date by logging on to the Qwikcilver platform remotely by interfacing with the e-commerce site.

Payment at POS

Using this option a consumer can activate and load the card with the required value through the POS at the store where the card is purchased.

This model would require integration with the Qwikcilver’s platform at the point-of-sale.

By joining in, your branded Gift Card can expand their points-of-purchase offering the same user experience and in addition getting more exposure leading to greater card sales.


Leverage the customer base of non-competing brands

Gift Cards powered by Qwikcilver now available at select stores near you

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